Musician and guitarist, Joé Séli developed a passion for live music from an early age, with a strong taste for Afro, blues and jazz rhythms.

He draws his inspiration from the traditional music of his hometown, Vogan in Togo, where he was lulled by the "agbadja" rhythms played by the village elders.

Joé Séli compositions are rhythmic, lively and catchy, thus conveying the artist's good humor and overflowing positivity.

Through his music, Joe tells stories of everyday life and his lived experiences. He also uses it to convey messages of joy, peace and encouragement.

With his group of musicians called "Sankou Band" composed of a drummer, a bassist, a pianist, a saxophonist, and himself on guitar and vocals, he plays with energy and groove on stage.

He currently has to his credit an album called "De belles surprises" and singles available on digital streaming platforms.